Service Management for Research Facilities

Get your lab organized - easily! Tidy-Lab is a service management software for all kinds of research facilities. It can help you to standardise, document and analyse your daily work.

Automated Audit Trail

Never lose track of what happened to your data. Tidy-Lab automatically stores information about each change made. Of course those records are tamper-resistant.

Responsive Design!


Certified Security!

The introduction of tools and concepts from modern IT Service Management can help to improve work efficiency in the research sector. Define and document your workflows. Provide a basis for finding information quickly, optimally evaluate and compare your results, and easily track down weak points and errors. Make your research transparent and comprehensible. Register and manage your equipment and its utilisation for efficient use of your resources.

Tidy-Lab sets great value on the security of your employees, you and your data. We help you to follow legal regulations concerning the handling of hazardous substances – keep track of your chemicals by using our chemical database! The handling of confidential data is just as important. With Tidy-Lab you can set tailor-made access rights and always keep track of changes to your data! Of course, we only work with ISO-certified data centres!

Inter-portability of data across networks and devices is a key factor for future usability. Tidy-Lab offers multiple ways of connecting and integrating your existing infrastructure and data providers. Our open-source data model makes switching between service providers as simple as possible. Do not re-invent your environment, rather make use of it!

Reach beyond Data

Gather, Combine, Link, Understand!

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