Service Management

for Research Facilities

Get your lab organized - easily!

Tidy-Lab is a service management software for all kinds of research facilities. It can help you to protocol, document and analyse your daily work.

You can manage your inventory and assets using Tidy-Lab's build-in inventory application. It assists you to keep track of who is using which machinery at what time for how long and therefore helps you to complay with modern EU regulations. You can even build timetables for you and your co-workers. Tidy-lab will automatically detect conflicts and informs the persons involved. Increase productivity by describing and following workflows. Analyse and compare your results and procedures, share and discuss them with your co-workers.

Automated Audit Trail

Never lose track of what happened to your data. Tidy-lab automatically stores information about each change made. By default it saves information like time, date, who caused the change, what was changed and its impact on other objects. Of course those records are tamper-resistant.

Certification might be available upon request.


No matter if your lab is “one person operated” or if you have hundreds of employees working in several locations on different projects, Tidy- lab can handle it! With its advanced database technologies lying underneath it can handle hundred of millions unique records. Of course clustering and load-balancing is also available.


Tidy-lab offers a wide range of security options. By default users, roles and groups are supported. This helps to project your existing security- structure to Tidy-Lab. It is also possible to securely connect to your existing LDAP or Active Directory enviroment using certificates. Manual and automated imports of existing users, groups and roles are also practicable. Using users, roles and groups you can decide what parts and applications of Tidy-lab should be accessible for which user. With its fine grained security options you can chose who has access. You can even build event based access rights to allow access based on external or internal circumstances.


You can choose between using Tidy-lab as a software service (SAS-Application) or subscribing to an in-house/on premises hosting. Either way you do not have to worry about the actual hardware, since it can be provided for you. This way we can guarantee that you will always be able to use the newest version of Tidy-lab and maintain an autarchic update circle. Tidy-Lab is also available as software appliance and can be deployed to a variety of Virtualization systems.

Where to go from here?

To learn more about Tidy-Lab and to gain access to a free demo version, just contact a sales representative:

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